Study on peregrine falcons in London - their diet and the impact of human decisions on that

Here's an article from my old place of work where 40 Peregrine chicks have been hatched over the last couple of decades. I had a job that often put me within inches of the adults with only a frosted glass window separating us. They used to feed on a ledge 52 metres up and I was amazed to see a stock of food there (dead birds). Often I'd sit and watch as they had breakfast. The frosted glass wasn't too much of a problem for me and I think it broke up my human shape so the birds didn't flinch when I sat down on the inside part of the ledge. Sometimes I'd tap the glass to get their attention. Thy'd look straight at me and still were not alarmed. The other notable thing was the number of pigeon wings (both wings still attached by bone and tendon) but no body strewn across the site.


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