Whats in a Name of a thing?

Draven Vertigo

Aspiring writer.
Feb 21, 2022
Los Angeles CA
So I have an ocean in my story, its rather deadly. Always storming, the surface of which often freezes and "Shatters" and those iceburg shards are hurled about by Waterspouts which dominate the horizon. Oh and the Ice can detonate and catch fire, more fun! I call it the Shattered Sea... Oh wait I just finished seeing Willow on Disney+ They have an ocean of THE EXACT SAME NAME! But Willow is already a produced and out there THING and my little unknown tripe is now just detracting from said thing that is out there. Do I have to change the name of MY thing? Mine is WAY cooler than the one depicted in the show.... Just saying.
There is also a series by Joe Abercrombie called Shattered Sea.

I wouldn't worry too much about it if you can be clearly distinguished. If you're going to name your story after said sea and it's a series of YA fantasy/hidden dystopian novels then I would be more concerned.

But either way, your shattered sea will be different from anyone else's shattered sea. So go forth and write!
Sorry @Draven Vertigo - so rubbish when this happens! :rolleyes: If it’s going to irk you, maybe Splintered Sea, Shattering Sea, Sea of Shards…?? But at the end of the day, if your imagination can give you cool names like your original, you can rely on it having your back now and always.
I don't know...
Your description makes me think there might be conditions for some sort of frozen fog to form from all that chaos.
Might look like a Sea of Crystal Fog.
That could have some bit of treacherous beauty near inhabited areas where there are lights.
We had, a few years ago, fog that froze early in the morning and all the street lights were piped high into the sky with various colors creating a fascinating show that only lasted as long as the specific conditions were right.
If you like the name Shattered Sea, keep it.

If you're worried about it not seeming fresh because it shares a name with other things, then take some time and really dig into what makes your Shattered Sea unique. What is the climate like? What's it like sailing on the Shattered Sea? How does it impact the lives of people who live on or near it, or make their livelihood around it? Who named it, and why did they name it the Shattered Sea? (It's important to remember that names for things in our stories should feel like they organically arose from the people who inhabit our worlds.)

If you've already got the above things figured out, then keep writing.