(Found) Dawn French computer hacking drama?

Danny McG

Sep 9, 2016
Cumbria UK
I saw this maybe early 1980s, some hackers got together to do some cyber crime, one of them was Dawn French. It might have been like a Play For Today thing.
What I remember, they got into some major financial institutions database, maybe the Bank of England, and set up this hack.
They then had to wait until someone in the finance firm clicked on a certain sequence and then suddenly all this money started transferring out worldwide to various accounts.

There was some kind of popular pc game (invented) and Mrs Cool Person in the bank looked at her screen, it said that Iceland (I think) had sank three UK trawlers and then a royal navy destroyer - what action to take?
She typed in "declare war" and that set off the deluge of money getting transferred out.

Then there was like an online battle between cyber security and Dawn French with them both frantically typing, him blocking and her bypassing his blocks.
He was scuttling back and forth to different screens while shouting such things as "where's the dog-tape? Get it running NOW!"
Meanwhile the senior management had assembled in the computer room and were watching in dismay (with one being very suspicious of an inside job)

That's all I remember.... anybody?
Was it by The Comic Strip? It sounds like their kind of absurd satire.
I can't think of her in much serious stuff, especially back then, especially as a hacker. It seems that she was in two comedies, Murder Most Horrid and Girls On Top around then, where hacking might have been involved. That said, I do remember various plays warning about the new future - one about TV stations from the early 90s springs to mind - so maybe she was in one of those. Are you sure it was her? Emma Thompson became dictator of the UK in a show a few years ago, so anything's possible!

EDIT: Actually, she was in something called "Tender Loving Care", a one-off story for a show called Screen One in 1993. That often wasn't comedy. So maybe that?
I assume, as an expert searcher, you've already checked out her IMDB page?

It looks like there were a few one-off programmes she was in, but not in the 80s

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