February / March 100 Word Anonymous Challenge 2023 Discussion

So we remain with 3 authors having had all their entries guessed only 2 of those all by the same guesser. ...........
which, for you logic lovers, was actually true at entry 97, contrary to my statement at the time.
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Well it looks a bit like everyone's got bored with the guessing game.
As you may remember the complete list is available back here
And for those of you who don't want to play the guessing game, here is the list of entries with their authors:
So feel free to check how you did.

I'd like to thank @Christine Wheelwright for mentioning one of my entries.
No challenge in April, so as not to clash with the 300. But you can keep guessing here though that month too if you wish. I'll still be here to give you your score.
And look forward to another Anonymous challenge in May.
You're not expected to get it right first go, Christine, and it's only a bit of fun. But it's as you like.
That's pretty much the score I normally get too.
You can maybe guess the one of mine that you mentioned. :D
I tried once before and got every single one wrong
When it was a single entry per person, I used to treat it as one of those matrix logic problems, so by not getting it right you could eliminate a certain pairing, until, by this process of elimination, you could get every one correct* :)

I haven't tried it with the multiple entries yet

* This never happened :(

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