February / March 100 Word Anonymous Challenge 2023 Discussion

Happy to see all the entries. @farntfar is doing a great job.
Back from Barbados yersterday. Here's an underwater Cheers! to you all.
31 entries so far, which isn't a bad count.
But You've still got seven days left in the Anonymous challenge.
So why not run off a few more 100 word entries while you're clearing up your ideas for the March 75 challenge.
It can only oil the idea creator routines.

I'll be waiting for your PMs.
3 DAYS 3 HOURS and 3 MINUTES left

to send me your entries to the 100 word Anonymous challenge.

I have cancelled all dental, medical and hair appointments during this time
so that I am as available as possible to check and post your entries.
I shall be sleeping as little as I consider reasonable,
without losing the mental facilities required
to process your work.

So take advantage of my sacrifices to PM your finest work for inclusion in the challenge.
I shall be waiting.
Black on Red - the call of the sky

Dear contributor - always read the fine print

Range Anxiety - is it ever too late?
Crosshairs - timing is everything

How the honorable Zim Fluxenlozenge lost his job - try to do the right thing and…

A timely arrival - first things first
Message from the Time Travelers Institute Logs - well dangit

No Place Like Home - deep trauma

Challenged - perhaps relatable
Only a little more than a day to go in this challenge.
Send me something before midnight (GMT) tomorrow to enter.

I probably won't actually post the later entries until Wednesday morning. :)
But midnight is the latest time for my profile to receive them by.
Lime Your Boots. - insufferable but impressionable

War on Terra: Deshi Xu makes more terrible choices - of the terra

Absolutely no consequences - imperceptible changes add up over time
The Broken Army - if it ain’t broke…

The Lamentation of Mr. Wensleydale - you’re out of cheese?

<Dr Friedhoff’s Archives> Audio-log (excerpt) - Transcription - why am I in here?
A ban on public eye contact. - never thought I could not miss seeing

Temba, his arms open wide - another language barrier

Needled by Giant haystacks. - I put it here somewhere
The Blood Diamond Store - nothing is free

End of Life - you had me at “I’ll get the handcuffs”

Lawyer’s Lament - never mistreat a computer
New Dilmun - the give and take of the universe

The eternal optimism of Dob Gullibocity - take a deep breath it’ll be alright

The Eye in the Sky - the call of the ground
The challenge is now closed for entry.
I shall be putting up the poll shortly, which will be open until the 12th of March at midday GMT
You may vote for 2 entries, both votes to be entered together. You may not vote for yourself. If you attempt to do so, you will be disqualified from the vote.
All members of the Chrons may vote, whether or not you have made an entry.

After the vote, the guessing game will commence, and will continue as long as anyone is interested, or until all the authors are guessed. This also is open to all members.
I shall be putting up a list of the entry titles and authors for the guessing game nearer the time.
Original Regret - hindsight

Non, rien de rien - creating opportunities

Avec mes souvenirs. - revisiting opportunities
The Weight of a World - sometimes you lose

Consciousness Swap Helmets. - guess it didn’t work

By No Uncertain Means - the cat ate my homework
Which is the Better Life? - white lies

Regretful sex - a jury of peers

Dear Roy, - sweating the small stuff
Never as good as the first time. - sticks and stones, love

An Intelligent Man - smart?

Pulling - can’t control everything
Because You're Special - better to be tossed than pushed

The Last Astronaut on Planet Arachnia - should’ve been a writer

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