David Crosby. "We are leaving..."

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Jan 25, 2012
Extremely Northern California
Wow, another legendary hero of our youth... gone at age 81.
Never a huge fan of folk rock; but The Byrds were a huge thing when I was young. And for the 70's Deja Vu was an iconic album across all genres. Especially the definitive anthem for Long Haired Freaky People: "Almost Cut My Hair."

He leaves behind an epic legacy spanning many decades.

And for the required SCI-Fi connection, here's a classic bit of postapocalyptica:

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RIP David Crosby your music will leave on for generations.

Deja Vu was an epic Rock Album. I loved the folk, country, pop sound of it. I only bought, maybe 30 albums in my teens and twenties and that one was one of them.

Sad that it was lost somewhere in my 8 moves in 7 years when I left teaching.
It may be apochryphal but I'm sure I read somewhere that David Crosby coached the Grateful Dead in vocal harmonies during the recording of Working Man's Dead and American Beauty (two of my all-time favourite albums).

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