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I'm never quite sure where to post about television series that I am watching via streaming. Is this the place? or is the streaming thread (What Was the Last Television Episode You've Watched). So today I'll post in both.


I have just finished watching one of the best detective series I've ever watched, Cardinal. It is only 24 episodes long and it was shown (I believe) on Canadian CBC television.

I loved it, but before I l give it rave reviews, I have to say that this is not for the faint of heart. In most of the episodes there is at least one scene with utterly gruesome violence. More than once I had to look away because I just didn't want to see what I knew was coming next. And if that is a no go for you, I certainly understand, and wouldn't recommend it.

Now, there were things about this series that is absolutely top drawer.

First, the acting was nothing short of superb. I thought the lead characters, l thought that Billy Campbell as Det. John Cardinal was really fine. His portrayal of a complex man with complex motivations shown through a dedication to his job and his family was spot on. But he was totally aced by his co-star Karine Vanasse, as his partner Lise Delorme. I don't believe I've ever seen someone convey so much character with such spare dialogue. She can pack more into a "Hm." than anyone I've ever known.

Second, the crimes were sensational, but they were also utterly believable. The perpetrators of the crime were given believable and not far fetched motivations. I never found myself rooting for them, but neither did I find them at all unbelievable. In each case that was presented, the criminals were neither stupid, nor were they some sort of utter genius. It was easy to believe that they were very hard to catch and to believe that they were caught when they were.

Third, The family lives of Cardinal and Delorme were believable. They each struggle with their spouse/lover in a way that seems totally in character with who they are and the demands of their job. Each of them struggles to be present, faithful, and honest in their relationships, and usually succeed. I always had the feeling that they each harbored some feelings for the other, but that would not be unexpected in people who were doing such physically and emotionally draining work. And to my great pleasure it was never more than a minor subplot of the stories.

Fourth, Something has to be said about the setting. This series is set in northern Ontario in a fictional city. The wilderness and the weather (all the seasons) are just breathtaking. I am forced to call them characters in the drama because they are so present and so much part of the ethos of every story. When this is combined with the utterly haunting and beautiful background music they provide a not insignificant entry into the story and the emotions behind it.

I could go on. But this is already long enough.

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I saw it in the cinema and didn't think it was Kubrick's best.
Then watched it on TV years later and actively disliked it. I didn't finish watching.

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