On deck THE LAST METRO,By Francois Truffaut ,1980.
BABYLON 5 season 4.
Various South Park episodes.
I saw a second season of "The Wheel of Time" reviewed on Sky. It is showing on Netflix. The scenery (apparently shot in North Africa) looks great. I didn't know there had been a first season, so this series is maybe not as popular as e.g. 'Game of Thrones'.
I can't say I ever got into the WOT books - it seemed a series more notable for its length than anything else.
I finished Special Ops: Lioness last night (8 episodes) by Taylor Sheridan on Paramont+ --- It is a really, really, good thriller. There is tension from the very beginning and every scene is a scene with a purpose. Lioness is a Special Ops team assigned to eliminate high value targets. The show works this through like a good Mission Impossible story. But the real story is about the personal costs involved in this kind of an operation at all of the levels which are involved. The acting is totally believeable, Zoe Saldana is a star in this show, and Nicole Kidman knocks it out of the park as well.

Caution: The levels of violence in this show are in tune with what a believable story would need but still profound.

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Started watching INVASION on Apple+. It's very hard to categorize. On the negative side it's very slow. I'm now 4 episodes deep and the plot is only beginning to clear up. This is because there are at least 4 storylines being followed. Also this show must be watched with subtitles because good shares of at least these early episodes are spoken in languages other than English.

But, those negatives are also positives. Having an invasion viewed from multiple characters is more interesting and more insightful. It's true to life that an invasion would be hugely important all over the world. More positives: The aliens are truly alien and not obviously (if they are at all) humans in masks and makeup. And to add to the effect they seem to be communicating without talking (perhaps by organic radio?). The world response also seems very true to what would actually happen. All in all, I'm hooked.
I’ve heard a lot of good things about The Last Of Us so I’ve just ordered season one on DVD. Looking forward to seeing it:)
Just finished re-watching all three series of Sue Thomas F.B.Eye
Good wholesome story telling, with an interesting set up.
Sometimes [okay, many times] the message behind the story is a little laboured and obvious, but the acting is good and Levi [a hearing dog called Jesse in real life] out acts the humans every time.
I can see why it got cancelled after three series but it was fun to watch and remember seeing them 20 years ago.
I didn't know that there was an ALIEN NATION fan podcast, and that there where FIREFLY tv show books
I finished Invasion Season 1 and I liked it a lot. It was tense. It struck me as realistic in terms of a potential alien invasion. I will definitately watch Season 2 which is currently being released on Apple+. I liked that there was nothing predictable. I liked that the scenes were all over the world. I liked that the characters were of different "races" (I hate using that word because there is only one race, the human race.) I liked that you couldn't count on the main characters surviving which always adds to the drama. I liked that the climax of the first season comes in the next to last episode, but there's not a clear understanding of what happened and why. Then you find the main characters not able to join into a seeming victory celebration because of their personal losses and the nagging suspicion that there might be something more going on. Viola: Season 2.

I was often frustrated by the four concurrant stories which advanced the plot at dead slow sometimes. I was frustrated by the lack of marital commitment and that the strongest bond between two people is probably the bond after a one night stand.

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