I gave up on watching Yellowstone. I was about 5 episodes into season 2 and I came to believe that none of the main characters were people I could root for. There was no one (save the Indian wife, Monica) who was worthy of respect. I got to the point where I asked myself: "If this show is only about people who are unrelentingly self-centered and worse, why am I watching it?" I couldn't answer that question except in terms of quality of production and acting, but those alone were not a saving grace for me.
Started watching Season 2 of Joe Pickett. Joe is a game warden in Montana who has managed to anger most of the people in his area by standing up for environmental law in season 1. He is now known in the area as the "Lame Warden." Season 2 is off to a terrific start.
Just watched Douglas Adams: Parrots, the Universe and Everything. A 90 minute talk that Douglas gave regarding the book he was most proud to write Last Chance to See, and ends with a Q&A which includes discussion of HHGTTG. For anyone with any doubt as to the prescience of Adams, this eloquent presentation dispels the notion, and is even more relevant today than it was when he gave it.
I found a show on netflix called 'Beef'. I saw it had pretty good reviews so gave it a watch. Was pleasantly surprised. Did not expect to randomly stumble upon a show this good on Netflix. It stars Steven Yeun who I think is an incredible actor. He never dissapoints. Check out the first episode and see what you think.
The show focuses on two people who get caught up in a road rage incident. But their "beef" with eachother continues beyond that incident and turns into a sort of game of angry tag, as they both take their anger of their own lives out on eachother.
Working my way through The Chosen season 3 (now up to episode 6) and I have to say that this series is simply brilliant in its approach of making the gospels come alive while neither overselling or underselling what Jesus was doing.
Snowfall S6 has just appeared on BBC iPlayer, and I'm going to start it over the weekend. I've never come across anyone else who's seen this, a series about the crack cocaine epidemic in LA in the 80s, from the POV of the warring drug gangs, the victims, and the rogue CIA agents using it to fund a war in Latin America. If this season matches the others it will be a gripping but uncomfortable watch.

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