That looks like a very interesting movie, Hitmouse.
Weird -- I've watched a few detective-themed shows on Netflix but this one has never come up on any of my home-page lists.
There is a chance I found it on Prime, not Netflix.

It is obscure and I stumbled on it by accident. There were only 4 episodes. One complete story, and it was not continued, which is a pity as it is very agreeable.
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It's definitely on Netflix (as well), I've checked. Looks worth a watch.

I am meanwhile watching Andor on Disney+. Very good so far, and I believe it gets better as it goes on.
If you watch it, I will be interested to hear what you think
The Guardians

I've just found on Youtube an obscure BBC serial from the early 1970s suggesting a dystopian '80s Britain with the government, having been assisted in a crisis by an independent military force 'The Guardians', then finding itself in its power.

As seems to be customary for the television of this period its very 'wordy', with far more intellectual conversations about the state of the nation than action; and this is a refreshing change from most of today's tv. Just finished episode two, and so far so good. You could almost see the beginnings of Blakes' 7 Federation in the uniforms and demeanour of the Guardians.
Finished the First (and so far only) season of Poker Face. I found this show to be entertaining and superbly acted.
How is THE EXPANSE Season 6,
and THE ORVILLE season 3?

"Why does control ,control? Answer: Control, controls to buy time"
- William S.
I found Season 6 of THE EXPANSE to be a solid season. Series 6 has what feels like a conclusion and it's likely the last one television season because The Expanse has been cancelled, but that happened once before when SyFy cancelled it, so you never know. I'd thought that was all there was to the book series because I've never read it. That seems to not be the case.
I wasn't satisfied with the end of the TV show. I had various issues with the Inaros storyline. I read the books and felt that later books addressed my issues with it.

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