My Little Chickadee movie 1940.Next.

Season 5 of the EXPANSE was very good.

Can't wait for Season 6.
I have the B5 box set on my table ready for a rewatch. Need to finish the classic Doctor Who first.
I'm continuing to watch 1923 a prequel of Yellowstone. I might be the only person who's going at this series in historical order. First 1883 and now 1923 without ever (or at least so far) having watched even an episode of the gigantic hit series Yellowstone.
I am about 5 episodes into Poker Face and it might be the most original and one of the best acted TV programs around. (Peacock)
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The Indian Detective Netflix Gently funny 2017 series about a slightly inept Toronto Indian-Canadian policeman who is suspended after a cocked up drug bust. He goes to India for the first time to see his estranged father who has had a heart attack in Mumbai. Rather charming comedy about cultural misunderstandings, combined with a decent detective plot.

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