Anyone else use KDP proof paperbacks as editing documents?


Smeerp of Wonder
Staff member
Oct 13, 2008
West Sussex, UK
For anyone that doesn't know, Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to set up your files to self-publish as a paperback, but then order proof copies without making them available to the public. (I.e. you can do this even if you hope to be trad published.) I do this as soon as a book reaches a decent quality draft, and I love it. It's (probably) cheaper than using a printer; it gives a nice feeling to see your story in "proper" paperback form; reading and annotating this way gives a different experience to editing electronically, meaning you catch different things; and it's great for distributing to beta readers who prefer to read hard copy.

Anyone else make use of this? Much as I'd hate to be a shill for Amazon, I think it's pretty good value. The latest book I did this with is 122k, and in 6x9 size (340 pages) it came in at just over £4.
The last three books I published I did this just for the purpose of having copies for my helpers to use for edits and consistency and such.
However there is shipping in there somewhere--but mine total somewhere from 6 to 9 dollars US(with the shipping)

I can use up a printer cartridge making three copies--so it really does save some money and wear on the printer. Printer cartridge is anywhere from 19 dollars US to 115 dollars US, depending on whether it's HP certified or an off brand clone.