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I'm intrigued by the not widely known fact that one may be intelligent and functional with almost no brain.

I wouldn't say that time did not exist before the big bang. I would say that the big bang, as a model, tells me that the extrapolation of our current state backwards must stop at some point. At that point I cannot say with any certitude what 'came before' or even if there was a before. (I'm pretty sure Hawking and others say approximately the same.)
I agree that time as a concept does not require space. The question becomes - If nothing exists, is time still there?
Well, yes but time is simply meaningless at that point.

It is the extrapolation of the Big bang that VB refers to here that causes our perception of what I call 'Deep time'. Once we noticed that light has a speed limit, we understood that light tells the story of the universe' past. Because the older the light, the longer it took to get here. So we use logic and math to extrapolate how far back it goes. The idea of seeing anything before the big bang seems monumentally preposterous since the theory suggests the pressures were so high as to prevent any particles (electrons, quarks, protons, atoms) from existing until things cooled and expanded.

It may be that we are so biased by being human that we just don't get it. Do we think there has to be cause and effect because everything behaves that way now? The idea that something simply blinks into existence without cause makes no sense to us. And the concept of eternity is really hard for a finite creature.
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