DISCUSSION THREAD -- December 2022 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge


Sci-Fi Seanachaí
Aug 15, 2021
The December Challenge is open.

The theme is 'drifting' (taken from @Elckerlyc 's suggestion in the Nov discussion thread;)

The genre is Science Fiction.

Looking forward to stories of wandering thoughts and conversations, rudderless meanderings, deep space tyre shredding, and all the other amazing stories Chrons usually come up with.

Best of luck.
Wasn't quick enough to be first, but while the early bird gets the worm it's the second mouse that gets the cheese, eh?
@Ashleyne .... FIT AS A DODO .... Ashleyne reminds me that good intentions carried out are unpredictable.

@BigJ .... Accidents Happen .... BigJ leaves me dizzy and scared.
Looks like a challenging theme this month, but judging by the number of entries already it's a breeze.
I only noticed it after you mentioned it. For me it doesn't detract from a nice Christmassy story.
There's mine. It's sad what you have to cut out sometimes, to get to 75 words.

I guess we'll be writing, reading and voting throughout the Holiday Season, so Happy Holidays all! The year's gone so fast. See you all at voting time, and good luck with your stories, those yet to enter, CC
OK I think we have our winner. If anyone comes up with anything better, I will humbly offer to wash their car for a year. If they don't have a car... well lucky me :giggle:

Unless....I end up washing my own car?

Nah, methinks unlikely (and I wouldn't want to deprive the peeps down at Tesco of a customer)
Why is it you spot a horrible jaring error only after the hour has elapsed. Oh well, onto January.

There’s an undocumented feature in the forum software that randomly changes letters, capitalizations or punctuation as the edit timer expires.
Hello, @Peter V! I didn't want to ignore your post, and I absolutely presume nothing (because of the fine stories entered so far), but your post came shortly after my story was put up, so on the chance you were referencing my entry, I am honored to receive such praise. On the chance you were referencing someone else's story, I hope they are honored.

There will be many more good tales posted, and I look forward to seeing yours. I hope the voting does turn out so that you - or Tesco - end up washing your own automobile, as per your post above. ;)
Well, I am sharing this 75 worder with everyone in thought of the holidays this month, just for fun. Enjoy! (And no. It's not a SF.)

It’s been many years since that winter’s night when my friend came alive. Now I’m walking the hedgerows lost in thought when before me, he stood wearing the same hat and scarf. Lost for words and with my heart full of glee, I grabbed the snowman’s hand. And soon we were again walking in the air. The sounds of carols drifted up as we flew silently through the moonlit night.

Mery Christmas, Happy Holidays and PAX to all!
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