A Ghost Story for Christmas 2022

paranoid marvin

Run VT Erroll!
Mar 9, 2007
'Canon Alberic's Scrapbook' is one of my favourite stories, and the line you quote is one of the most chillingly understated in all of his ghost stories. I'm not sure that tv could do justice to James' description of the drawing that horrified Dennistoun so much, and I'm not sure that 'drawn from the life' as spoken dialogue would have quite the impact that the written word does; it takes a little time for the realisation to sink in what he is saying. If they do make it into a 'Ghost Story for Christmas', I think I would like for the drawing to be hidden from the viewer and to be left to the imagination as to the horror being portrayed.

I do sometimes wonder why the more obvious 'Casting of the Runes' hasn't been done? Perhaps because it was done so well in 'Night of the Demon' and has previously been dramatised for ITV.

I think that we are slowly but surely coming towards the end of the best of his stories being made for tv, but one of the ones I would like to see is 'An Episode of Cathedral History'. What lurks within the old tomb?

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