Can't remember this book title


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Nov 26, 2022
So the plot is that some Christians(I think) made a cult and set off a bomb that opens a portal to another dimension. The portal lets in fantasy creatures (evil ones) and I think hellhounds? Some people get powers via hellhounds and they get a symbol that gives those people powers. The main character is a girl that has three hounds(which is uncommon) and she's sent to the big city to help combat the monsters and junk. While on the train they get attack by a alien person?(They call them something else) and a wyvern. Theres also mind-reader people but they also call them something else, anyways I just wanna find the book again cause I remember really liking it.
Are there any specifics? Usually something like the name of those marks, the hounds, even a main character name can help greatly.

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