Fantasy book about a young woman


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Nov 23, 2022
Hi! I read a book a while ago and now I can’t for the love of god remember the name.

It’s a book about a young woman who don’t really fit in. It’s a different world than ours and I think it’s kind of medieval times. The woman has a best friend that gets married to the king (?) who is old and have a lot of other wives. Some ritual process. The woman watches goats and one day when going to a nearby village trying to sell one she gets lost in the dangerous forest. Gets “taken” by the forest witches but survives. Gets proof that her mother (who is gone since long) have been with the forest witches. The forest witches (spirits?) have names and are widely known and feared. The village where she lives gets punished, the water turns to blood and some other horrible things. She gets to know the kings (?) son and in the end it’s a war (?) or rebellion and she kills the old king maybe? There is also something about her wanting to find her mother, some curse? And she tries with the help of this boy (man?) to get outside the walls (?) and she visits someone her mother knew.

If anyone have a clue what I’m talking about I would be grateful for a title or something for this book cause i wanna read it again. Thanks!

Edit to add a few things.
Read this about 2 years ago. Think it’s a fairly new published book.
I think target age is adults, possibly young adults.

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