Nancy Goodaim, Space Ranger

Nancy Goodaim - Space Ranger will be back mid January. Similar to 'The Turd Prophecy of Hybobolus Clune' the pause is a calm before the final five hours of madness.​

Chapter 30 is out. The tragic life and demise of a Jupitarian customs official. It is based on a real story ...right up till the encounter in Habon and Shenobble Unterwhackle's grocery outlet, because ya can't make things too bleak;)
Chapter 31 should be out one of the evenings this week -it's sort written, am leaning more into the 'live' narration as I think the dialogue flows better than edited material ...anyways, some social promotion (clean ...trying really hard not to curse, with mixed success, but this one is grand).
PRAISE be to the Saltoon of Fenoccous, and to his UNMOTOCIOUS WISDOM ...for Chapter 31 of Nancy Goodaim, Space Ranger has just been published. A story that is like, well, nothing else. Thanks for joining in with the adventure (free, 31 chapters so far, ~20 min a go)
Nancy Goodaim, Space Ranger - Chapter 31 by Irish Science Fiction
For any YouTubians looking to venture into the less well travelled corners of that virtual universe then all of 'Nancy Goodaim, Space Ranger' is available there as a podcast -some of the episodes have had upwards of three or four views, if the tracker is to be believed*
*it's probably not
Chapter 34 was out Wednesday
...about 20 ish minutes of outer space adventure. It's hard to describe. Definitely light, probably mainstream, comedy style storytelling -some mild cursing but generally suitable for all ages:
And if that sounds a bit much to jump into, here's sample a one min joke story to give ya an idea of the style:
Right, Chapter 38 is out tonight (25 June '24)

If you are following this thread then it is a good spot to have a listen. The episode is only 11 mins and fairly straightforward. The Phanochaíocht and the Witch of Mullinavore have some beef over something called the Pudwidgeon -and Nancy decides it would be best to leave Seanleabapheistín for Abbedine with Mission Specialist McMorrow and the Hallubalberry addled Habon and Shenobble Unterwackle.

The author Richard Sparks pointed out to me that all writers think their work is great so I'm not gonna spoof -this is not great literature, but it's a unique style of storytelling and worth a punt (or ten mins of your headspace).

That's that, I'm off to reconsider the 75 worder. I already know who I'm voting for but best to let things settle and have a reread. Episode 39 in two weeks -Nancy is running a little late, but what's six months delay when you're dead ;)
Just published Chapter 39 (hyperlink leads to the Spotify upload, but I have them published most places. 'Irish Science Fiction' or 'Nancy Goodaim' will get you to the show).
The storytelling is 'out there', according to feedback -but I don't have a huge pile of that to go on. I'm the narrator on Madison on the Air's 'Forbidden Planet' remake if you are curious about the narration. In this episode Bip tries to motivate his crew, who all fall asleep to his wittering not much action, but as always the devil is in the detail.

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