Looking for an older sci fi novel- late 70s to mid 80s- details below


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Nov 22, 2022
The setting is a dystopian Earth where power rests in the hands of lords and ladies. They are thoroughly debauched, mainly from abuse of 'neuro-peptides'. These are ingested via a stud in the back of the neck. The protagonist is a son of one such pair and is regularly beaten and abused by his parents while they are high on the neuro-peptides. He has a female friend who has it better. Finally the parents go too far and fearing they will kill him the protagonist murders them. He is tried and convicted and sentenced to service in the military, which involves implanting his persona in a bio-engineered green military body. He has various adventures as his life slowly comes apart at the seams, mainly due to abuse of the same drugs his parents used.

Flashes, bits and pieces I remember: he has a sexual relationship with a rebel on a planet he is fighting on that features crystalline trees. The rebel is bio-engineered for existence within the tree biodome. He participates in a kind of VR combat where will power is the determining factor for victory and gets the nickname 'The Inquisitor'. Wish I could remember what he was looking for as I bet I could find it using variations on that.

What I remember best about it was that it was well written and descriptive.

Does this trigger anyone's memories?

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