Are you interested in reviewing the GREATEST science fiction writer of all time?


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Jan 30, 2012
Grimsargh, Preston
Well... I can hope to become the GREATEST ever, and with that in mind see below.

I have five Culture Shocks and Five Many that I will send out to the first 10 Chrons members to PM me.
If you want your copy signed (please, please, please say yes) then I am happy to do this too, just let me know who to etc.

I would like anyone who volunteers to have my copy as their next read so I get reviews back fairly quickly. As I have given you free copies and paid for postage, please do me the favour of reading to the end and see how you go.

Amazon reviews are only meaningful if you are a verified purchase, so if you love what I have sent you for free, have a go at the next one - then as a verified purchase you can add stars.

Culture Shock is a cross over SciFi and not hard SciFi - while there are aliens the real aliens are the humans. So you don't have to be a SciFi fan to enjoy Culture Shock.
The Many is a straight up hard SciFi story and if you like aliens and RAY GUNS, this is for you.

For those of you who are about to volunteer, my thanks. Now line up in an orderly que.
Free shipment worldwide, the where doesn't matter (it's the work franking machine so it's free for me too, but don't tell). For any reviewer (or victim, depending on how you look at it) this is a 100% free offer in return for your time. I do believe what I have done are entertaining reads so I don't expect to disappoint, so don't be shy.
Hi everybody and it's your soon to be favorite author back again.

Great news for one and all, courtesy of of VRlass there is now an audio book of Culture Shock that I can share if you PM me. It sounds quite good and even managed the character names ok.

It is 8hrs of audio fun, so there's lots to go around.

Well done, and well done @VRlass . I'd be lost without the audio format -there's always a half hour in the day where headphones and a story can slot in. Did ya go with Audible? (Their ACX thing is fine to work with if not).
Good stuff about the names -had a bit of fun giving folks unpronounceable names for the live WotW ...and sitting back listening to the struggle;)
Any plans for a Spotify release?
I'm not sure what to do with the audio. Can it be loaded on Spotify?
It absolutely can. The problem is ya won't get any revenue, but if you're okay with that then I think it's a good option (though I'm no expert). One option is to cut it into chapters and bookend them with an audio effect or spoken intro/ outro, and to release in episodes.
A good software for this is Audacity, in that it is easy to use for beginners.
Feel free to check out Nancy G on this thread to see what I mean (just the first & last 2 mins will give a taste).
Once you have the above done you can set up a free account with Spotify for Podcasts (or whatever they call themselves this week) and they will relay it out to the others -there are plenty of other companies providing this service but I can't advise which is best ...they all seem to work at any rate.

I think that the internet being what it is, the more you can spread your story across formats and 'platforms'(hate that word -raised level surface?) the better chances of it finding a home/ happy listener.
Well.. I have no sense for the game anyway. Anything longer than baseball I tune out!
The book covers below will go straight to Amazon when clicked on, very clever stuff that one of the Mods helped me with - go ahead, click and see!

THX mate, the review is up.
I just checked and not yet. There should be 2 reviews of the Many with mine as the second one. I'll do what I need to do to get my review up!;)
I have a few victims for my book, but my sad effort at promotion means I still have copies that will be given away free, free, free to anyone brave enough to step up to the line. Post etc. all taken care of, and I do believe that Culture Shock is a good read and ideal for Christmas.

PM me if a free book is of interest.