Episode 11 - The Left Hand Of Darkness with Emily Inkpen

Dan Jones

Der Vater absurder Geschichten
Nov 14, 2014
I am here to do the thing!
Hello everyone! After a month's hiatus we're back. This month we're talking about one of the all-time classics of science-fiction literature, and arguably the book that demonstrated science-fiction could be literature: Ursula K. Le Guin's The Left Hand Of Darkness, a million-selling Hugo and Nebula winner. We talk about the book's enduring legacy, its approach to worldbuilding, character, and loose(ish) plot, and how the book plays with ideas of light, darkness, a balance of the two, and ultimately, love. We also dig into the book's sexual politics, the extent to which the book is feminist with respect to its portrayals of sex and gender, and the controversies that greeted the book from some surprising sources.

Joining us to talk about Le Guin’s book is the author Emily Inkpen. Emily was born in South London and raised on the South Coast of England, but moved to Glasgow for her university years and now lives in Berkshire. She juggles copywriting for Marmalade Game Studio with writing novels, short stories and audio drama, and is the Social Media Officer for the BSFA.

Elsewhere The Judge talks about monarchies in our writing, particularly pertinent given the recent succession in the UK. We have the winner of the Chrons October 75-word writing challenge, and peace talks at the 43rd Andromeda conference sadly collapse when the discussion turns to the erotic properties of golden eagles. Naturally.

Join us in December for a talk about Christmas ghost stories with the author Alison Littlewood!

[00:00 - 53:30] Emily Inkpen Interview Pt 1
[53:31 - 56:31] Voicemail 1
[56:34 - 1:11:11] The Judge's Corner
[1:11:12 - 1:12:13] Writing Challenge
[1:12:14 - 1:14:32] Voicemail 2
[1:14:34 - 2:06:31] Emily Inkpen Interview Pt 2
[2:06:32 - close] Credits

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This world is not my home
Oct 11, 2006
Just listened to this and I believe this is the best Chronscast you've done this far. Keep up the good work. Emily Inkpen (that has to be a nom de plume) was a very entertaining guest.

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