November / December 100 Word Anonymous Challenge 2022 Discussion

Aaaagh! :eek: I thought it closed on the 10th. I actually had a story ready to go last night and I thought I'll polish it up tonight and post :cry:

Note to self - read the instructions and remember them :rolleyes:


I always find it best to just chuck it out as soon as I've managed to squeeze the word count into the limit. Which reminds me, the 75 worder is sitting on my computer....
Cold of Heart
The Fall

Personal Injury
Operation Nightingale
An eclectic round, to be sure.

  • PSA
  • Operation Nightingale
  • From a Mother to a Son
  • An Unnecessary Appendage

  • Injury Time
  • Personal Injury
Infirmary - dirty work but someone’s got to do it

An Unnecessary Appendage - empty leadership

"The Fall" - captain goes down with the ship
As @BT Jones mentioned, there was plenty of variety this time -it made voting tricky.

I thought there were loads of class ideas, and it seemed like all the stories had a different take on the theme.

I especially liked:

PSA - Valuable advice.
Personal Injury - Always plan ahead
See to it - The problem with things you can't see.
Injury Time - It's never a good thing when a game goes to penalties.

In the end I voted for two of the darker stories:
Designation H19187-ks993, MIA - because I thought it had great description.
Casualty - because I thought it was an interesting take on the theme, and had a slow build to the reveal.

There was also a Skibbeldydong Ongalow scéal in the mix that I'd have loved to given the vote to just because it made me laugh to see it there (it'll be a tough job to spot the odd one out among the odd ones out ...but that's for after voting, fair play whoever you are;)
I had quite a few choices, but I finally voted for:
  • Cold of Heart
  • Prosthetics
Others on my short list were:
  • The Fall
  • See To It!
  • Personal Injury
  • Wait a Second
  • An Unnecessary Appendage
  • Jedi Mind Trip
Another great bunch of entries make it very hard to choose, even with 2 votes.
My short list:
Space Truck'n Bar & Grill
You too?
Wait a Second

Votes go to:
Operation Nightingale
The Growing Pains of Zalderbon Pendrocknel
Well at least I haven't forgotten to vote :rolleyes:

- Jedi Mind Trip
- Injury Time
- See To It!

- Prosthetics
- Personal Injury
Like @M. Robert Gibson I went for
Prosthetics (Favourite)
Personal Injury (Okay it's a cliche, but neatly delivered.)

While things are still anonymous I will say that when judging I tend to skip over stories that use established characters from
Star Trek, Dr. Who, Star Wars etc'. Using ready made characters is not really playing the 100 word 'creative'writing game fairly.
Just my 2 cents :)
Thanks all for sharing your stories and curse the rules for making me narrow it down to only two grrr!

This challenge’s votes went to The problem with Intergalactic taxi driving because who does’t know someone like that, and Designation H19187-ks993, MIA for such a solemn exit.
HR Issues
Injury Time
Personal Injury
Space Truck'n Bar & Grill

Pain Harvester
The Fall
Congratulations to the winner!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Christine Wheelwright
for Personal Injury.

GREAT BIG THANKS to @JS Wiig for our commentaries.

For those interested in Guessing, here is the list of authors and the number of submissions for each:

Appello 1
AnRoinnUltra 4
Astro Pen 1
BT Jones 1
CasualDebris 1
chrispenycate 3
Christine Wheelwright 3
Daysman 1
Elckerlyc 3
Guttersnipe 2
JS Wiig 3
Mon0zer0 2
mosaix 1
paranoid marvin 2
Starbeast 1
therapist 1
THX1138 4
Venusian Broon 1
Victoria Silverwolf 1

My next post will be a Spoiler Post for those not interested in playing the game.

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