The OFFICIAL Smallville thread


May 30, 2005
North East England
I dont know if there is already one of these so forgive me.....

Last night whilst watching Smallville ('spirit') I realised just how much I like the show. 'Spirit' was a superb episode and ranks as my favourite of all time. From the body-switching-antics to the emotional ending it was one hell of a ride.

So I thought Id do a thread for any fans of the show where I and you can discuss the show all we want!

Have to say, Daniel, that I have been watching Smallville since the start, and there are way better episodes than "Spirit"... And some that are a LOT worse... It reminded me so much of other "body snatching" episodes from other Sci-Fi shows... Have to say I liked the Clark Kent/Lionel Luther body swap better...

But, you are right, it is a DAMN GOOD SHOW... Even though it doesn't really have any place in the Superman universe... Kinda like having Superdog and Superhorse and several other silly things like they did in the 50's/60's/70's comics... :D
I don't know. I've watched "Smallville" on occasion, and it's been okay when I've seen it, but it just doesn't do anything that makes me want to return on a regular basis. I think I just can't connect with Clark's character. And I think they must be doing something wrong - every time I've seen the show, I've liked Lex a lot more than Clark. That just ain't right for someone who grew up reading Superman comics.
Yeah I must admit, Lex is a much more developed and likeable character. Clark is Plastic Man and that's not just the acting. On the plus side, the actresses are nice to watch...maybe one day they too will learn to act :)
And there is something fun about the costumes... The phases of cleavage and other womanly parts showing has a certain appeal...

And the eye-candy for the ladies... :D
smallville thread turns into a charmed thread? ;)

I watched a few episodes of smallville but agree with LittleMiss in that it didn't capture my imagination and, although I know it falls outside the normal Superman mythos, it just irritated me that it was effectively Buffy meets Superman. He just had too many strange adventures whilst living on a farm. His life should have (and was in the comics) boring and ordinary where nothing much - apart from a fling with Lana Lang - happened.

I much prefer (and I hate myself for saying it) the Dean Cain superman tv series. :rolleyes:
I enjoy watching Smallville for the many ideas that they try to use each episode... Things where you know DAMN well shouldn't happen...

The Flash appearing, Lois Lane moving in, so many people knowing his secret, Lex Luther being a friend... It is all ridiculous... But it allows you to put your brain on standby for an hour a week... :D
Darken Rahl said:
You watch Charmed??? And admit it??
I watched the first season with the sound on, but agree with Tsujigiri that it is more watchable with it off. And really my criticism of the writing is mainly dealing with the latest season. The storyline dealing with Lana and witchcraft is not worthy of the rest of the franchise.
I watched 'Blank' on E4 last night. Seems that sci-fi shows like the old memory-loss angle and whilst this episode didnt bring anything new to the fore, the fact that the man whose memory had been lost had superpowers made it a good episode.

I'm a big Smallville fan, though I do admit that sometimes it can get a little...bad/cheesy. I really liked the start of this series when Clark was all dark and broody and you could see the sadness in his face. The best bit was when he confronted Lex and punched him in the face, that was long over due!

I really enjoyed Lexmas this week....they all acted the good life so well. That Dukes of Hazzard episode was a good one too, so much fun...espicailly when they were driving the car! I like how clark trusts Chloe now...if only he was in love with her and not Lana!

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