British postage stamps with barcode


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Aug 21, 2010

will be old news to many Chronsters, but it was news to me. Thoughts?

I like it that in the States you can use really old stamps for postage if you want to. Since many old stamps are worth little more than face value, people do that sometimes. I've received letters with Farley's Folly postage more than once recently. And sending a package to a friend overseas a few weeks ago, I used a lot of commemoratives on hand including a 42c Poe.

I even have a 3c Poe or two I might use sometime for postage... inherited from my grandpa.

I suppose it is an inevitable consequence of technical development. The quaint legacies of the system gradually become rationalised out of existence. Always amusing to receive letters with ancient commemorative stamps. So it goes.

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