Lovecraft and Hollywood

Oct 19, 2022
Last month, there was been talk of Hollywood making a grand cinematic universe based of off Lovecraft's stories, there have been many film adaptations of Lovecraft's stories but most of them are relatively small in production, with the original Reanimator trilogy and a handful being larger. Most big budget Lovecraftian film projects have been mostly mythos-inspired or adjacent and don't take place in the mythos, so this was big news for not only Hollywood but also the Lovecraft community.

Personally, I don't find the idea of a Hollywood Lovecraft movie to be very... optimal, since Lovecraft and cosmicism as a whole is a very niche side of fiction and the majority of general audiences can't even spell "Cthulhu". And from many of the media articles that covered this topic, they painted the mythos as if it was monster horror much like the widely successful monsterverse, which is a common misconception of the mythos and Lovecraft's bestiary. There is also the high chance that this whole project would fail as like stated before, general audiences aren't aware of Lovecraft's fiction and there is also a chance that Hollywood would misunderstand the entire concept of what makes Lovecraft's horror work and lose the audience that already loves Lovecraft's work of fiction. I believe this would work better as a indie animated anthology series so it would be like it was made by the community for the community.

What are your opinions on the matter?


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Jun 29, 2014
If done correctly, it has possibilities. Guillermo del Toro wanted to doe At The Mountains of Madness as a feature film . I think had this one happened it could have been the start of such Lovecraftain Cineverse of films.


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Mar 29, 2019
There is always a lot of talk about X or Y happening. Especially from the fan communities.
Years ago and on another site, I can remember dozens of completely false but wannabe rumours about a Belgariad series of films. Names of actors, directors and even shooting dates were mentioned with complete surety. The writers had been approached and had said a big fat no.
Until the controllers of HPL's estate or a studio start issuing press releases, all it is is talk.
And even then nothing may come of it.
A lot of projects get started and then stall. Neill Blomkamp's Alien follow-on/reboot is a recent example.
I could see a streaming service thinking about it, but weird horror would be a tight fit and the target audience might not be worth it for them.
Personally, I like the pictures in my head when I read HPL [especially At the Mountains of Madness]. I don't know that another's vision would suit me as well.

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