Farewell to Angela Lansbury

Danny McG

Sep 9, 2016
Cumbria UK
Angela Lansbury has passed on, a lot of people know her from Murder She Wrote, but to me she'll always be Miss Eglantine Price - the trainee witch from Bedknobs and Broomsticks

"Treguna Mekoides Trecorum Satis Dee"
Regarding Bedknobs and Broomsticks - I've very recently finished reading Blitz, the third book in Daniel O'Malley's Chequery files.
It has a brief mention of the story:-

“In August, a German submarine landed on the south coast,” said Lady Carmichael, almost conversationally, “at a place called Pepperinge Eye. Armed troops disembarked, enough to take the town. Instead, they were driven off.”
“By whom?” asked Bridget warily. “The Home Guard?”
“We don’t know. When the Home Guard arrived on the scene, the Germans were hurriedly rowing back to their submarine, and the fields at the site were littered with items from the local history museum.”
“Armor. Weaponry. Bagpipes. Military equipment. No one has any idea how they got there or what happened.”
“Why didn’t I hear about this?” asked Bridget, utterly bewildered. “It would have made a huge splash in the offices!”
“We’re not pursuing it,” said the Lady. Bridget stared at her. “Bishop Alrich brought it to our attention, and the report was not shared beyond the Court.”
“Not shared?”

“Lord Pease and I decided that, given the circumstances, it would not be the best use of the Order’s resources.”
Angela Lansbury was such a force at mid-age and later, but go back and watch her as a young woman in The Court Jester. She and Glynis Johns are both great.

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