House of the Dragon: 1.07 - Driftmark


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Aug 21, 2007

As the families gather on Driftmark for a funeral, Viserys calls for an end to infighting and Alicent demands justice.
IMDB score: 9.5 Runtime: 59 minutes
'I lost an eye but gained a dragon.' That is Aemond.

A tremendous episode. It was tense, well paced and the venom between Rhaenyra and Alicent was there for all to see.

Poor Viserys. All he wants is just for everyone to get along.

Corlys is a dangerous man to have as an enemy. He has played the long game.

Larys is a true creep.

I think there will be a 10 or so time jump in the next episode. And if they are following GOT patterns then it should be explosive.
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I'm not sure why it's been marked 9.5, because usually that means something extraordinary. It's just I cannot believe that there would be something totally new in the GRRMs world. Maybe we'll have another Joffrey weddings. But seeing the Old King still kicking, and looking more terrible in the title image, I cannot imagine it's going to be his funeral either. Old men die hard, maybe.

It also seemed that in the title sequence the blood was a tad brighter, ran faster and one of the houses got soaked due to course.


Lady Leana's funeral. Why could they say so in the episode synopsis? But even then I don't get this funeral, and for the note, there aren't many funerals in the GRRMs world for some reason. Lady Leana had got one of the biggest dragons, but yet her remains were stuffed into a wooden sarcophagus and sent to sea.

All while the Cruel Prince was going a bit mental for hearing the blood prophesies mixed into the sending ritual. Why they couldn't just burn her in a pyre or rather scatter her ashes instead of dumping into the sea? It bothered me that the place they cast her had no other sarcophagus.


The Queen and the Knight. I might have set myself to be Rhae's fanboy, since I didn't like the Queen was eyeing at her through the after party. To be honest, the way Houses and the Royal Court were mingling were way more depressive than one we are used to go. Frankly, the air around the dig party felt murderous. But I wonder was it the Queen who made the old man Hightower the Hand or was it the King?

The Old King just sat there, no glass in his hand, eyeing his audience as if he was expecting an assassination. Only Larys seemed to be happy for being new lord of Harrenhal, but I can't be certain that it was his men who committed the assault.

Only Aegon seemed to have fun with the endless supply of wine, before the Hand caught him napping and for some reason deemed necessary to manhandle the young prince.


Corlys, both in anger and in pain while playing the blame game. I get the both feelings, but not the blame game. It was her will, her way out when there could be nothing else. Lord Corlys claimed that the surgeons in Penton were as skilled as the ones in their House, but her lady couldn't accept it. All she could was to twist the knife and make the wound bleed a bit more, as if there was nothing else left.

Then Lord Corlys revealed the festering pile as he said, "The Crown should have been yours until those fools at the Great Council plugged it from your head. Is it such a terrible thing for your husband to wish to win it back?"

Lady Corlys noticed it straight away as she snapped back, "It's not justice for your wife that drives you. It's your own ambitition. 'Tis desire for the throne, if not for yourself, then for the scions of your house."

There was not much Lord Corlys could do to shut her, because the truth was on the table and there was nothing he could do to hide it. "What is this brief mortal of the life, but a pursuit of legacy?"

Giving the driftmark to Leana's kid wasn't on his card. Only his legacy as a kingmaker was the one that he accepted.


Rhae and Cruel Prince. Man, it was such a surprise to know that she had tried to make a baby with the Sausage Prince and that she couldn't accept that Alicent were associated with the murder of her children's father. "Queen wouldn't do such a thing," she shouted.

Cruel Prince tried to convince her, but at the end it came down to one thing, Rhae's feelings for Daemon. To her desire to finish what they'd started at the Flea Bottom.


Aemond and Vhagar. I cannot believe how big Laena's dragon truly is. She's truly massive and she didn't like one bit for Aemon disturbing her beauty sleep on the beach. If he had been a goat, the young prince would have been toasted and probably munched, but since he has the dragon blood running in his veins, he was able to lay down his will and save his life, while feeling the searing heat washing over him.

So the beastmaster was wrong, dragons sense the blood, and then they accept the will and wishes of the carrier. There might not have been many example in the past to be able to do such a thing, but it's clear that Aemon is strong in willpower. Making the beast fly next was a much simpler trick, not that he knew how he should have put himself in the saddle. All he wanted was to show to all that he too can handle the flying lizards.

Mad in power, he went and attacked both Leana's and Rhea's kids, and he were winning to my total surprise before he got his eye slashed out. In similar stupidity, the Old King attacked the King's Guards for failing their duty when it was Aemon who snug out in the middle of the night to have a joyride.

I guess it's "a good thing" to be born in the right family and being able to get away with murders. In the blame game, the Queen brought up the Rhae's kids fatherhood, and straight out blamed them for a murder, instead of understanding what had happened. All while the old Hand watched in the shadows. He said nothing while the accusations flew around the throne room.

At the end, all the Old King could was to demand an end to for the slander. For the infighting to die, and the peace once again return into his court. The Queen had nothing of it. "That is insufficient," she claimed. "Aemond has been damaged permanently. 'Good will' cannot make him whole."

"I know." The king sighed. "But I cannot restore an eye."

"No, because it has been taken."

"What would have me do?" the Old King asked.

"There is a debt to be paid," she suggested. That is such a chilling closure, even though you can guess what she wanted when she said that it's not enough. She even put out puppy eyes and squeezed some tears, for trying to make it all better. The Old King wanted no such thing, but it was a slight surprise that it drove the Queen to display her hatred at front of the whole court and both grand houses.

The end, "It's okay mum," Aemond said. "I might have lost an eye, but I gained a dragon."

Later in the Queen's champers, the Hand smiled wickedly while his daughter played the whole game. He wasn't there to scorn her, but to applaud her, to put her back to place in one piece instead of the shattered, broken image of the queen that Alicent believed she'd become.


The Snake and the Queen. "If it's an eye you want," Lord Larys slithered. "Perhaps I can be of your service." I am so certain that he's the invisible hand that cause the death of Ser Harwin. But she wasn't willing to go for it. On the other hand, Daemon was easily convinced to set up a murder of Ser Leanor, so that he could marry Rhae, and them two be together like the original ancestors of the House of Dragon.

Vhagar is the oldest living dragon in Westeros. To be feared. It is a major coup for Aemond to bond with her. She was the dragon of Queen Viserya, wife and sister to Aegon the Conqueror. So she is at least 200 years old.
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Old by our standards, young by theirs, but it is also speaking more loudly about the boy's willpower to be able to turn her will to his.

Don't want to give too much away, but Aemond is a force of nature, very much like his Uncle Daemon.
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A great moment for that kid (I don't know their names) to claim Vaegar for himself. And I like that he was wise enough to realize losing an eye is a small price to pay for such an epic dragon. Also very satisfying after previous scene where he is mocked and presented that pig with fake wings.

I loved the moment when Alicent ordered Ser Criston to take the boys eye for revenge. I was thinking 'sh*t, Ser Criston will probably do that.'
I feel like this is deliberately mirroring the scene in orginal GoT, when Arya's wolf bites Joffrey. Cersei is unsatisfied with King Robert's decision to just ignore the children's fighting, and states she wants him to bring her Sansa's wolf's head for revenge.
However, I did think it was quite a leap for Alicent's character to order this, and then to pull a dagger in preperation to gouge this child's eye out herself. Would she really do that? Did you guys find this believable?
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I loved the moment when Alicent ordered Ser Criston to take the boys eye for revenge. I was thinking 'sh*t, Ser Criston will probably do that.'
I doubted that. I thought that there was going to be a bigger blood letting in result of the Royal Guard clashing and the whole sh1tshow to resemble something that we see in the Joffrey weddings. The show constantly reminds us about the blood, so I am also constantly expecting massacres, because of the whole mess around the greed for the Iron Throne.

However, I did think it was quite a leap for Alicent's character to order this, and then to pull a dagger in preperation to gouge this child's eye out herself. Would she really do that? Did you guys find this believable?
Most certainly believable. I have a manipulative mum, and I've seen other ladies doing totally bonkers things when they get angry. Alicent was frightened and straight out manipulated to have fears about the losing her children, and it does help that she's taking advices from Lord Larys or her father. By doing everything to ruin Rhae's life she's only making it clear that was predicted, will happen, instead of her getting a clear head and doing something productive for the Seven Kingdoms.

The thing is that she has also become manipulative because the Old King refused to abdicate the throne. If he had gone to retirement or died a few episodes ago, things could be very different. Now, because he's refusing to die, the chaos around the throne is only getting stronger.
Yes in the heat of the moment very much. Especially for a person who feels trapped and friendless.
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Very good episode. There are less hidden motives and secret alliances than in the GOT series but it is still fun to see the rivalries play out. Excellent scene at the court there with the Queen demanding punishment.
Was it ever explained why Lord Larys is important? Other than perhaps having the Queen’s support.

I wonder if the Valyrian boat family will be wiped out in this series. I don’t remember them mentioned in GOT. On the other hand some families mentioned there are not here.
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Was it ever explained why Lord Larys is important? Other than perhaps having the Queen’s support.
Not in the series. Maybe his whole thing is clearer in the book.

I wonder if the Valerian boat family will be wiped out in this series. I don’t remember them mentioned in GOT.
There might be a fleeting hint about them in the GoT and it might be clearer in the books, but nobody is talking about them or what happened.
I completely forgot that Lord Larys was the second son of the former Lord of Harrenhal. Having both his father and brother killed takes some special kind of greed/cruelty. Who knows if he will turn against the Queen at some point.
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Who knows if he will turn against the Queen at some point.
I bet that is in the cards. In the GoT, Hightowers don't even acknowledge that they had people on throne at some point. Yet, in the past three episodes we have seen total greed for the power and wealth that comes with it. It's a mad period, and we only rarely see a normal people perspective in this turmoil time.

Like I said a couple episodes back, I see Larys as "the snake in the garden," and he doesn't do anything to disapprove it.

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