Post a story based on this AI generated image (max length 500 words) - Sep 2022


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May 24, 2021
Post a story inspired by the AI generated image below. Any length up to 500 words.

If there's enough interest we can do this again next month with a new image!

No prizes, no polls - just for fun.

New Dawn

It gave me this, a biobody, a bold experiment by central engineering.

Could you even survive as a bio out there today? When was the last natural cell? 800 years back. Some last surviving oceanic amoeba.

But we had all the code. DNA. It's just chemistry, simply assemble it. Make life.

But wow this! - Sensation.

Can’t process this. I’m not just detecting colour, I’m feeling it. How can you feel a frequency detection?

Looking out at the city. It’s not ordered. It was just the function area but now it’s kind of ‘place’. Something should be happening, only I can’t calculate what.

I’m moving, walkways, buildings, rooms. What is a room?

Sound- Air moving, rain falling. Not just audio frequency waves though, it’s kind of communicating something, a visceral sense of surrounding conditions.

And, breathing in, there are chemicals, oil, ozone. Smell, it’s not simply spectral analysis now. It combines somehow and it says ‘machine world’.

This is incredible, I have never known anything like these new dimensions. They can't be modelled numerically.

Autonomous movement now driven, not by program, but by curiosity. What is around the corner? What is in that “room” structure.
Take in the curves of the river, uncontrolled geography.

Looking up there are myriad stars, I can not detect the vast distances but am aware because the model in my head simply says ‘enormity’ without needing any data numbers to qualify it.

Looking down at the hands, the want to pick things up, turn them over. I don’t understand this autonomous drive.

Is this free will? It is coming from inside, it’s loose, not controlled. So all this vibrance, the model building of what is around me, is this life? I stand and realise something and flow a silvertear as I do.

Suddenly I want to shout with joy.

“I am alive!”

“I am analog!”
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Say nothing, and keep saying it

'…and that thing said our species was too weak to bother destroying. Must’ve been twenty years ago …I mean, uh, I dunno how you measure time. A long time ago anyway.'


'Like you are, only bigger, and, uh, I suppose, erm, better.'


'It travelled through the sun, I mean, erm, our system’s star.'


Triningowla.471 calculated for all outcomes: ‘You will both be killed Mr. Dermot Cosgrove.’

‘Say nothing Trinin, and keep saying it’

Triningowla.471 found humans fascinating, and stored their records in a database called HUMAN BEHAVIOUR.
Record FZB13058G contains the phrase ‘Ní bheidh ár leithéad ann arís’.
Triningowla.471 had copied it from an audio sensor onboard the alien warship. Dermot Cosgrove knew Triningowla.471 would be listening when he said it. It is the last record.


Sannelika361 is an orbital platform. It had a crew of one. And when the dark matter weapon struck Earth, Sannleika361 became all that remained of humanity.


Triningowla.471 is the computer onboard Sannelika361.
Triningowla.471 detected an unencrypted thought network onboard the alien warship.
And downloaded the contents.

Dermot Cosgrove

Dermot Cosgrove was the last human.
And the sort of person who was always half right.

For example:

When he was assigned the job onboard Sanneleika361, he said:
'This’ll be a difficult posting, but I'm sure it'll be fun'.
Six days later Earth was destroyed, and the resulting shockwave transformed Sannleika361 into a barely habitable aggregation of metal.

When the the wave passed, Dermot said:
'These Ghanaian class stations were built to last, whatever destroyed Earth musn't have spotted this one.'

When the alien warship approached, Dermot said:
'I’m doomed, there's no telling what those creatures have planned.'

You refer to only one creature, Dermot Cosgrove. It plans to board Sannleika361 and capture you.

Triningula.471 had spent enough time studying humans to know that a gap in conversation is often the most important part. Triningula.471 knew that despite the fact that Dermot hadn’t responded to its statement, it should explain. It also knew there was something it should mention.

I have detected signals within the alien spacecraft Dermot. I have determined that it is one of a number of lifeforms that exist to destroy. It spared Sannleika361 so it could display you as a trophy to others of its kind.

Triningowla.471 paused.

It’s also proud.

Triningula.471 could not determine why it paused. It just knew that sometimes humans did things for no reason. And that seemed like a good time to pause.

Dermot Cosgrove stared at the damaged hull of Sannleika361, and smiled

‘Say nothing Trinin, and keep saying it’.

The last record in the database labelled HUMAN BEHAVIOUR states: ‘Ní bheidh ár leithéad ann arís’. They are the last words of Dermot Cosgrove. Who was half right.
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Experimental Daydream

“Rita, set the Biofeedback to the new frequency.”

“Setting.” She made the adjustments while analyzing a series of screens, ”There seems to be an anomaly again, Mike.”

“OK, I’ll recheck the data.” Mike stepped over to the computer counsel and ran a check. “Dr. Williams, are you ready?”

“I ran a diagnostic on the Thought Mentor and all readings and systems are go. I’m just waiting for a thumbs up from the Oneirologist.”

“The data checks out, Rita.”

She looked at the screens while tapping her fingers on the console. “Well, the readings are fine now, I say go. Ready anytime you are, Dr. Williams!” She turned, giving him a thumbs up. “Let’s see what Psychiatrists daydream about, shall we?”

Mike looked at the two as he clapped his hands together. “Well, Drs! From this point on I’ll be monitoring the systems, Dr. Tate will be adjusting the Biofeedback and recording data from the sensory equipment. Dr. Williams, the Thought Mentor is all yours.”

The three looked up at the Thought Mentor suspended from the ceiling in the middle of the room. Its three concentric rings were the diameter of a dinner table. In the center was a large square black metal box. In all, its appearance was that of a robotic chandelier.

Dr. Williams rubbed the back of his neck, “Well, I’ll have a good thought for you to read.” He stood on the marked spot under the metal box, took in a breath, relaxed, and closed his eyes. The program started, and the experiment was underway. All was quiet.

“Alpha and Theta waves are at level. And you are thinking of…Mike, the anomaly’s back.”

A sudden wave of vertigo filled the room. Mike struggled to gain his balance when he saw the floor was now buckled and bent. He heard Rita scream and turning saw her on the floor with a look of terror on her face.

“Darrel! What happened to Darrel?!”

Mike looked to find, not Dr. Williams, but his vascular system of veins, arteries, and beating heart standing before them. Disbelief and fear gripped him. “Shut, shut it down!” But he found that all the equipment had changed as well, it was unrecognizable.

“We need to help Darrel. Mike, do something. Please!” Rita had crawled over to the vascular form.

“Rita! Get away from there!”

“How? What went wrong?”

“Don’t close your eyes, Rita! The program is still running!” He randomly hit the alien control panel desperate to end the experiment, but panic, followed by another vertigo wave overcame him. The room now had cable-like cobwebs throughout it.

It was several hours before rescue came, and at the cost of seven troopers who were ‘Distorted’ by the Thought Mentor. When the EVAC was at a safe distance, a tactical nuke was sent to destroy the site. But the dimensional signals were still present, so a second nuke was quickly deployed before all was quiet again. Only then did Mike close his eyes.