Peter F Hamilton-Audiobooks (Judas Unchained)


Sep 9, 2022
Greetings. I've recently started to listen to PFH's audiobooks. As you can imagine from the written versions, the audio versions are long. I was pointed to Pandora' Star from a family member and have ordered it up from a local library on CD. If memory serves its like 19 CDs. The sequel (Judas Unchained) is also in audio format but is 41 hours long. I'm wondering if anyone has purchased Judas Unchained from Audible and could provide me a breakdown of the Chapters and time frames? Hoopla provides the book for listening, but offers no chapter summary list like Audible typically does.
I like to read and listen when books get long. I can read a chapter or two at night and listen to a few in the car while commuting. Any thoughts on how to get the chapter start times or lengths, where I can figure out where to jump to to start listening after reading a bit? Thanks for the help.

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