Queen Elizabeth II RIP

I will be interested to know if her successor will be anointed as a Christian monarch or if she was the end of the line in that regard.

Despite the headline, the television coverage did not actually include that sacred act.

C. S. Lewis gave some thought to the Coronation. He wrote a letter to an American correspondent, Mary Shelburne:

-----You know, over here people did not get that fairy-tale feeling about the coronation. What impressed most who saw it was the fact that the Queen herself appeared to be quite overwhelmed by the sacramental side of it. Hence, in the spectators, a feeling of (one hardly knows how to describe it) — awe — pity — pathos — mystery.

The pressing of that huge, heavy crown on that small, young head becomes a sort of symbol of the situation of humanity itself: humanity called by God to be his vice-regent and high priest on earth, yet feeling so inadequate. As if he said, “In my inexorable love I shall lay upon the dust that you are glories and dangers and responsibilities beyond your understanding.”

Do you see what I mean? One has missed the whole point unless one feels that we have all been crowned and that coronation is somehow, if splendid, a tragic splendor.-----

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Really sad but an incredible run. And yes, when he went I did wonder how much longer she had.

I did like her sense of practicality. Just been watching a documentary on the running of the Royal Palaces and the royals won't have any out of season produce on the menu.
Also liked her sense of humour. Maureen Lipman wrote of her visit to the palace and how she commented to the queen how well trained her corgis were, following her so closely. The queen just opened her hand and showed Maureen the dog treats.
There was a documentary on the queen the other year, or rather on photographing and filming the queen, which included the making of the Christmas speech. Part of this had been filmed in the Royal stables and one of the horses was tossing their head and mouthing just behind the queen, as though mimicking giving a speech. They didn't have the nerve to tell the queen, just asked for all the horses to be turned round and tethered at the other end of the stall and for the queen to repeat the speech. They were later relayed a message from the queen that could they send up a copy of the first version of the speech when <horse's name> was joining in.
When I was fourteen and living in Torquay, my first ever job was selling newspapers at a little newsstand on the sea front, and as part of the Silver Jubilee the Queen and Phil The Greek toured around the UK coast on the royal yacht, stopping off at several towns to come ashore and wave at crowds. Torquay being one such stop, on the day they came I sold hundreds of those little Union Jack flags, and as the royals drove by waving, everyone waved my flags.
Gawd bless yer, ma’am.
She had long full and very remarkable life and though much of , loomed large on the world stage. RIP Queen Elizabeth II :(

Long Live King Charles III .
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My favorite 20th-century poet -- I don't say the greatest -- is Ruth Pitter. She wrote:

I had been received by the Queen (in October of this year [1955]) to present her Gold Medal for Poetry, and I felt that it did me good. One plugs away for half a century, getting little praise and less cash, then suddenly one is summoned to the Palace and given a medal. All is now well: if the highest in the land approves one, we can do without those in between. Besides, it was an Adventure: and to crown all, as I left the Queen, there outside the drawing-room door stood Albert Schweitzer, waiting to be received in his turn!’ (Bodleian Library, MS. Eng. lett. c. 220/3, fol. 136).
RIP HM. Long live the King.

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