Stand Up Science Fiction


Sci-Fi Seanachaí
Aug 15, 2021
Don't think there are many Chrons nearby, the legendary @Jo Zebedee is probably the closest, but just in-case there'll be live SF afoot next Tue eve (flyer below). It's billed as stand up comedy, but don't mind that. Have posted a clip of 'The Turd Prophecy' below to give ya an idea of what the craic will be.

Here's the clip of the audiobook, the live stuff is more or less the same -ya can listen to the full book here for free: The Turd Prophecy by Irish Science Fiction
Gig went well. Ended up headlining and using a Hydrontical Transducifier (modified laser tag gun). Off to Columbia Bar Mullingar next Thursday (15th).
Think @RohanODuill is the only chron thereabouts ...welcome to Chrons Rohan -you will never find a more wretched hive of better online spot to learn and practice the art of writing SFF;)
Managed to upland a video of the last gig to YouTube. It's tricky stuff to write as going full SF would lose the non SF punters, but leaving it out would miss the point. In the book I tried to gently twist reality so that hopefully the listener would be a good way in before realizing everything has gone full SF (and by then it'd be too late;) ...I'm trying the same thing with the live stuff so it's a mix, and closer to general blah than outer space shenanigans at this stage (contains cursing/ not for small ears/ 10 mins long so be forewarned)

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