DISCUSSION THREAD -- SEPTEMBER 2022 -- 75 Word Challenge

@sule .... Honorificabilitudinitatibus .... Sule tells us a tale of dark mutterings translated clearly by muse and by an author with less than honorable attribution.
AnRoinnUltra honors a sense of the ridiculous that allows one to see through the folly of others.

Stable honors the awareness of inequality.

johnnyjet honors the sacrifice of those who lose all for others.

Peter V honors the ability to perceive the potential for farce in human relations.

gOff2fish honors awareness of the past, even if almost forgotten.

sule honors those who labor without glory.

StilLearning honors the importance of clear communication.

paranoid marvin honors those who take advantage of arbitrary regulations.
@StilLearning .... The meaning of last words .... S. L. reminds us that honoring our parents should be proceeded by carefully listening to them.

@paranoid marvin .... How To Get Ahead in Medieval Times .... P, M. points out that honor without common sense is an honor far too dear.
Well, I'm in. This story has a very different format than almost all of my other stories, but it just seemed to be the right way to handle the theme. By the way, I'm very pleased about how well the theme seems to have brought out good stories and many aspects of this theme.


@Luiglin .... Honour is in the eye of the beholder .... Luiglin helps us to remember that somethings called honor are best named a truer name.

@OuttaInc .... The Perfect Candidate .... Outtalnc puts us in the middle of a ceremony that seems to have gone off the rails.

@Daysman .... Dead to Rites .... D. M. brings a ghostly world into focus to clear up a matter of honor.

@Ian Fortytwo .... My Honour its not lies! .... I. F. reminds us that some metaphors need to consider the situation into which they are uttered. But there are some truths that have to be seen to be believed.

@therapist .... Droidtown .... Therapist puts me in mind of a good Samaritan being tempted by someone without honor.
@M. Robert Gibson .... The Honourable Discharge of Brigadier Ponsonby, VC, DSO and Bar .... M. R. G. tells us a tale of honor which ends in a bang before it even tries to right it's wrongs.
I'm in, much earlier than usual, but the idea came to me last night after watching TV, and I thought I'd post it as soon as done, rather than spend the next few days worriting at it and getting nowhere.

Anyhow, it's the first time in years I've attempted to write poetry -- as opposed to verse and doggerel -- and it clearly shows, but I thought the occasion warranted it. Apologies to those overseas who might not grasp what it's about. (The Judicial Helpmeet got it at once, which is a minor record, so I'm hopeful members in the UK will, too.) Apologies also to TS Eliot for wholesale theft and to Simon Armitage for stealing the structure.
@Hugh .... A Mullah Nasruddin Story .... Hugh reminds us that when you lack honor you lack vision.

@The Judge .... The faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting .... T. J. draws upon the deep well of human love and gratitude that honor the ones worthy of such.
(I understood it immediately. Also a record for me with poetry.)