Can't remember the name of this film


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Aug 31, 2022

I watched a sci-fi dystopian movie years ago whos cinematography I was quite fond of but I can't seem to remember the name of it.

It featured a couple living on the edge of a moderate sized city, I believe one was a professional photographer and I can't remember anything much about her partner. Most of the early scenes were dark and took place at night. An explosion or destructive event occured in the center of the city knocking out all of the power in that zone and large barriers were put up around it ( i don't believe the power went out in the characters apartment). The main character left the apartment to investigate and had to solicit help from a group of younger vagrants, possibly homeless or orphans who knew how to travel sewers in order to get into the containment zone.

After that is a bit fuzzy but the containment zone (once the main character was inside) was lit by portable flood lights (blue or full spectrum light) and was "empty" of other living things.

I'm not really to sure of the conclusion or that I even had the ability to finish the movie and would really like to be able to rewatch it.

Thanks in advance!!
It may help if you could state names of directors or actors or when and on which platform (theatres, netflix, disney, et al.) it was released.
That sounds like the pilot for one of those short-lived tv shows a few yearss back. Like Defiant or something.
It kind of sounds like Monsters from 2010


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