The Orville - 3.10: Future Unknown


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Jan 5, 2001
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A celebration is underway aboard the ship.
Other reviewers describe it as:
A fun victory lap for The Orville
The Orville wrapped up the Season in an emotional yet funny episode, much like the show in general.
If you didn't guess, Isaac and Claire and get hitched. The episode begins with Bortus and Klyden renewing their marraige vows, in a perculiarly Moclan way, which is the catalyst for Isaac to propose to Claire The Wedding preparations produce several humorous exchanges - Isaac getting terrible advice from John LaMaar, Bortus hijacking the best man duties from Malloy, and Issac inviting the entire Kaylon Homeworld to the reception.

The secondary story concerns Lysella from the first season story "Majority Rule" who requests asylum aboard the Orville, changes her mind when she feels overwhelmed by the technological advances, then attempts to steal items and take them back to her home planet of Sargus 4. Grayson takes Lysella to the simulator to show her Gendal 3, an industrialized planet not unlike Sargus 4, and therefore not unlike our own 21st Century Earth. She advances the simulator five years into the future where the planet is desolate, with mutated Gendalians, She explains that this is what can happen when a culture is given tools without earning them, or without developing the responsibility to use them.

If the series doesn't get reviewed by Hulu parent company Disney then this was a good place to end it. Everything is neatly tied off. Even Alara returns as a Wedding guest. However, Ensign Charly Burke is never mentioned.

However, if it does get renewed they will have to stop the Orville from becoming the "Love Boat" with Ed and Kelly, Bortus and Klyden, Claire and Issac, and very likely Lysella and John too.
It's unfortunate that the title may refer more to the fate of the series than to any aspect of the episode.
I read that the entire cast has been released from contract. I hope that doesn't mean Hulu/Disney has already decided that the show is done and hasn't made the formal announcement.
The only current show remotely like this one is Strange New Worlds. As much as I like SNW, I like The Orville more.
Overall, the finale moved back toward the comedy level of the first episodes. I thought the Moclan vow renewal chase was, at best, Three Stooges humorous. The Issac and Claire wedding, however, was laugh-out-loud funny.
The Kaylon wedding guests were the best. I loved their en-masse arrival and their drill-team precise responses to the ceremony.
If the series is over, the wedding reception was a great way to end it. If they had thought to invite a few key Moclans and Krill, galactic peace may have been achieved.
I finally learned why the late Norm Macdonald remained among the cast. The season was wrapped up the month before he died.
R.I.P., Lt. Yaphit.
I thought it was a great ending to the show. Like many great comedies, it ends with a wedding. Honestly, I don’t laugh at any of the jokes, but I don’t laugh easily. It’s not why I watch it. I watch because it’s aspirational/optimistic. Which is definitely what we get from this episode, including the Lysella plot b. If I was her I’d want asylum with the Union too.

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