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Apr 3, 2022
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When I was 10 or 11 we moved city and in the cellar of our new house my brothers & I found found a trove of Astounding, Amazing, Fantasic etc pulp fiction magazines. They dated from 1930 to 1940 and were in good condition, as the cellar was very dry. I read them all from cover to cover. A few stories stick with me, some of which I've been able to re-find via sites like the Internet Speculative Fiction Database. But one in particular has eluded all searches.

AFAICR the title was something like the The Crystal of Beryl, or possibly The Beryllium Crystal. The story's title page pictured a crystal lattice. Somehow the protagonist has got inside it and is trapped there. The crystal has strange properties that lets him travel in time and space. This picture reminded me of it. Do I jog anyone's memory? Mine hasn't proved very useful! Suggestions welcome.


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Thank you, @M. Robert Gibson. :) I've looked at some of the search results you sent but there are a lot more links! I need to work out how to search for 1. stories containing a particular string e.g. "crystal of beryl" or "beryl crystal". (Their basic search seem to report all occurrences of any of the words); 2. stories that include both "crystal" and "dimension", but not necessarily together. Perhaps there is an advanced search but if so, I cannot find it. Actually I am totally amazed that I.A. has this marvellous online database of pulp fiction! Many hours of fun ahead. ;) And you've reminded me that I need to make my annual donation to them.
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