Which Manga books can you recommend?

I'm not into a lot of manga because I'm not keen on the artistic style they all seem to be drawn in these days.

One exception to that, from a while back, is Nausicaa of the Valley of Winds by Hayao Miyazaki. You might have heard of the Studio Ghibli anime film of the same name. The manga is even better (IMO), and he drew it all himself, so it has his lovely art style. Though not wholly violence free (there is war) I can't recall anything graphic about it.
Which Manga books can you recommend? Remembering I'm not into violence or horror. Thank you.
Good Night, Punpun, by Inio Asano is a slice-of-life masterpiece. It delves deep into the mind of a teenager.

Dandadan is a new comedy manga that became an instant success from its very first chapter, which is rare. You can read it online, for free and legally, right now.

I sold my life for ten thousand yen per year is a punch in the gut. A boy goes to a company where they pay you your life's worth, then give you three days to live with that money. This is a one-shot so you can read it in just one sitting.

These are the "violence-free" ones that I can recommend off the top of my head right now. I'm really into horror and gore so I could've recommended many more if you were into it too. I may come back as I remember of others. I also focused on the ones that have no anime adaptations. I could've easily recommended Spy x Family if I didn't.
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