Book entitled "Games"

Le Panda du Mal

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Apr 1, 2022
So this is a case where I can give the title of the book, as well as the entire text, and yet can't find the book. How is that possible?

Well, the book is titled Games. It's a kindergarten picture book with a single line of text on each page: "I like to play." So far, so very generic, which makes it impossible to find it without knowing the author.

The reason I'm looking for the book is the artwork, which is really strange- it features some kind of purple and yellow squid creature floating in space playing various earth games with its tentacles. For example, paddle ball.

I saw this book being read by a child when I was substitute teaching in a kindergarten classroom years ago and have not been able to find it since.

I doubt anyone here would know it but I thought it was worth a try.

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