(Found) Another wonderful old scifi short story I need help with !


'Zero' Does Not Exist
Dec 5, 2008
Since early childhood, I have long pondered the ex
I too, am looking for the name of the author of a short story I read from a sci-fi anthology book many years ago. The name of the story is He Who Shrank. I remember it was a very old and dilapidated volume from the local library, but that's about it.

Our main character is an assistant to a scientist who injects him with some kind of serum which causes him to begin shrinking. The writer describes how he becomes so small, that small insects become gigantic monstrosities, atoms become huge planetary systems, and then the space inbetween the protons and neutrons become immense expanses so that it eventually becomes another universe.

He, of course, is a humungous giant in relation to it, and the mere movement of his arms or legs send stars and galaxies sprialing into each other. And as he continues to shrink, he gets to the point where he finds a planet to set himself upon. He continues to shrink (through many adventures upon this planet) and shrinks to the point of finding yet another universe in between the nuclear spaces of that one.

I think his last adventure upon on of those planet tell of "beings of light" that percieved what was going on with him, and their experiments of trying to stop his shrinking process, but to no avail. His shrinking is still going on to this day, perpetual and infinite! Wow! What a narrative!

I see its been almost a year since your post, with no replies. Sorry I can't be of any help, but I will definately keep a lookout for your author.