Rogofsky -- Famous Comic Book Dealer -- Jan. 1969 Catalog


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Aug 21, 2010
After I began to collect Marvel comics in early 1967, I noticed advertisements placed by Howard M. Rogofsky, offering back issues. In my youthful frenzy, I marked up my first Rogofsky catalog so heavily as to make it unfit for public display, but I thought I'd send scans of a couple of 2-page spreads from the Jan. 1969 one. Granted, $13 was worth a lot more in 1969 than today, but it is striking to see that $13 would have bought you the first appearance of Spider-Man back then, six or seven years after it was published. If this source

is correct, a 1969 $1 bill had about the same purchasing power as $8 today, so that issue would have cost $104 in today's currency. The issue's current value is suggested here:

But anyway, I thought some Chronsfolk might enjoy seeing pages of the catalog I "dreamed over" the way some kids my age probably dreamed over the Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog's toy section.

1.Final page on left, first page on right
Rogofsky Jan. 1969 pgs first and last.jpeg

2.The Marvel Comics offerings
Rogofsky Jan. 1969 Marvel Comics offerings.jpeg