1.09: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - All Who Wander


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Jan 5, 2001
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The U.S.S. Enterprise crew comes face-to-face with their demons, and scary monsters too, when their landing party is stranded on a barren planet with a ravenous enemy.
I said I wanted them to do a number on the Gorn, but not in this way. The Gorn were 'Lizard'-like. The Gorn that Kirk fought was strong (throwing polystyrene rocks around) but slow and lumbering (as a man in a plastic suit would be.) These immature Gorn were 'insect'-like and fast-moving. My main dislike was that it was too much like Alien'. It wasn't a homage to Alien as other reviewers have said, these creatures had the alien's same life-cycle. It has certainly explained why the Gorn are a more feared enemy than the fight with Kirk would suggest, but you are left with wondering how Kirk did defeat one. Also, they never used 'the' music! I've been waiting 5 episodes for the music! Instead it was the mood music of dark corridors and hanging gantries. Again, very much more Alien.

The show begins with a graduation ceremony for Cadet Uhura two other very obvious redshirts, despite their science and command uniforms. However, I wasn't prepared for the third death. I have grown to like the Aenar, Hemmer. It was very reminiscent of Denise Crosby's exit in the first Season of Star Trek: TNG. However, Chief Engineer on the Enterprise seems to be a particularly dangerous position as they go through several (The Cage) until the position is taken by Scotty in TOS.

Despite being give two priority one missions, I'm not sure I would have split the crew in the same way, but that's a Captain's prerogative. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a huge mistake.

I like the episode, even if it was a little too much like Alien. Not the best of this season. My only nit found was that the venomous spray that carried the Gorn eggs to Hemmer, he said it was blinding, but that they had chosen the wrong subject given that he is an Aenar and already blind. If so, why was the creature that they first encountered (the one that did the John Hurt moment in Sickbay) not also blind?


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May 27, 2013
I like the episode, even if it was a little too much like Alien.
Blatantly borrowed from the Alien franchise -- to the point of including a helpless waif. All that was missing was a cat.
Still, an enjoyable episode.
I was also surprised at Hemmer's fate. I thought the time spent developing his character and bonding with Uhura had given him some plot armor.