(Found) Novel series with ents and sentient bears


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Jun 30, 2022
Probably published sometime in the mid-late 80's, it was a planet that humans had colonized that contained a species of sentient bear-like natives.

There was also a huge 100' tall plant creature with a diamond beak they called the ent that protected the forests. It was constantly attacking the cities humans had established with enormous walls just to keep them out.

The pesky colonists rebelled and were later attacked by space Marines.

And it turns out that the ents were created by the ancestors of the bears that now traveled the galaxy as beings of pure energy, and watched over their home planet.

And there was a native species of giant ant that turned out to not be native. But an invading species that the ancestors had modified to not be sentient and incorporate them into the local ecology.

I can remember a lot of details, but have not been able to think of the titles or author.
In terms of space-bears, I can only think of The Right To Arm Bears by Gordon R Dickson, which I've not read but which has an epic title.
I think it's this one:

The War for Eternity by Christopher Rowley