Are there any Sci Fi/Fantasy novel review channels out there in YouTube land?


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Jul 26, 2021
Going to take a long shot here, but has anyone came across any decent YouTube channels that do Sci Fi and Fantasy book reviews? I know there's several Lore Channels on various book/TV/Film series, but I've had a hard time finding review channels. Even better does anyone here have their own YouTube channel that does reviews?
There are lots:

You can spend all of you time watching reviews and not read any books. Sometimes I wonder if some reviewers are just trying to garner viewers by making sure that they do not offend anyone.
This review is all about characters and charterization. Bujold's writing has been impressive to me because I usually don't care about the characters all that much, they are just a necessary part of the story.

"There isn't much more to say about Komarr." ???

Yes, science has become irrelevant to science fiction. Significant characters are 2 engineers, a 5-space physicist, a mathematician, and another physicist who was killed two weeks before the story began but was responsible for the whole affair. The entire plot turns on a new technological development being used for a military/political purpose but that is irrelevant to a review of a SCIENCE Fiction book. SF is no longer treated as SF, science is of no interest to most readers these days. A computer program that counts science words shows that Falling Free is the only Bujold book with a higher science word density than Komarr.

Nice review for only the charcterization aspects.
On my current list, I have Media Death Cult for SF - he tends to do reviews, Daniel Greene for fantasy (although he does a lot of anime at the moment that doesn't interest.)

I'm not much for review stuff, however, if you type in "Booktube SF&F" (or something like that - just always put in Booktube at the start) in the search box at the top of YouTube you get loads of channels that will do reviews!

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