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Apr 19, 2021
I've been playing around with the text generator on OpenAI API

You have to make an account and it appears they will start charging you after a certain time period/number of uses (How exactly I don't know because they never asked me for any credit card information. I signed up using my google account)

So in honor of the AI generated art thread here's an AI generated text/stories thread.

Prompt is in quotation marks, the result is in italics.

"Tell me a story about SFF Chronicles involving Parson, Brian, and the Judge."

Once upon a time, Parson and Brian were both trying to get the Judge to rule in their favor in a case. Unfortunately, the Judge didn't see eye to eye with either of them and ruled against them both.
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There are a few plot generators out there
For example

Here's what it has just produced

Danny McG, the Starbeast​

A Fantasy Novel​

by MRG​

In a castle there lived a slimy, killer starbeast named Danny McG. Not a giant cold, snooty castle, filled with beer and a curvy smell, nor yet a violent, red, fluffy castle with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a starbeast-castle, and that means protection.
One day, after a troubling visit from the nixie The Judge, Danny leaves his castle and sets out in search of three solid coffees. A quest undertaken in the company of chrons, writers and hilly editors.
In the search for the nixie-guarded coffees, Danny McG surprises even himself with his grammar and skill as a scribe.
During his travels, Danny rescues a cake, an heirloom belonging to The. But when The refuses to try partying, their friendship is over.
However, The is wounded at the Battle of Valtharius and the two reconcile just before Danny engages in some serious partying.
Danny accepts one of the three solid coffees and returns home to his castle a very wealthy starbeast.

Maybe I'd used better words it would make more sense, but hey-ho, anything for a giggle :p

Here's the link to the full list of generators on the site
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