SFF Chrons Interview with literary agent Ed Wilson

Dan Jones

Der Vater absurder Geschichten
Nov 14, 2014
I am here to do the thing!
I thought I'd post a link here to the latest edition of Chronscast as I know some people on the writing boards don't venture over to the SFF Lounge that often.

Anyway, in the latest episode of the Chrons podcast @Phyrebrat and I interviewed Ed Wilson, a senior literary agent from the Johnson & Alcock agency. Well worth a listen for any aspiring writers here, particularly as Ed is a top agent for science-fiction, fantasy, horror, and all speculative fiction.

I found the talk to be energetic, informative, and even inspirational. The first half of the talk is on the novel House Of Leaves, and the second is on writing, agenting and publishing more generally. Let us know what you think!

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