I just watched Spider-Man: Far From Home and it is an amazing story. (Spoilers)


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May 5, 2022
I was already somewhat familiar with the villain Mysterio from the 90's cartoon, but OMG what a ride. In his first scene, I figured that he was fighting some sort of illusionary monster that he made in order to look like a hero, but then I started believing that the writers threw that out in order to give him a new origin and completely forgot that he was supposed to be the villain by the time of the reveal... even though I'd heard that he'd revealed Spider-Man's secret identity. (I was wondering where that came from and almost missed the credit-scenes.) I think it was because everyone was so taken-in when they should have known better, and it was a nice touch for them to say "it's very embarrassing for a shape-shifter to be fooled" because it made me feel better that they managed to sell the lie.

It was also a nice touch that they showed early-on that Spider-Man was having trouble with his Spider-Sense when I knew that it was the key to fighting Mysterio.

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