7.15: Fear the Walking Dead - Amina


weaver of the unseen
Aug 21, 2007

As the survivors prepare to escape the area by raft, Alicia turns back to save one more person trapped in the fallout.
IMDB score 3.8
After seeing the score, I just let it roll. It was strange to see the rabbi to make the entrance to this season at the second last episode. The same goes to the zombie wagon, still having full tires, but no fuel to run its engine.

I hated that they wrapped the story around Alicia feverish dreams and illusions. It has not worked before, and it didn't work in this episode. I also hated that Daniel was complete fine, and he even spatted out intelligent dialogue.

I could not believe any of it.
Totally agree. Alicia is obviously delusional, yet the gang agrees to follow her and her imaginary child self back through the radiated walker herd into the burning tower.
And for what? Rescuing the suicidal Strand? Alicia's declaration of love for him and his cheery goodbye wave as he started to paddle away were over the top.
I thought Alica was making her final swan song scene when she walked away through the smoke to continue her vague do-gooder mission, but I would be surprised if she were not around for the much-anticipated return of her mother.
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I have stuck with it. Slowly. Just finished this episode. I am off tomorrow so will prob watch last episode.

But this was utter nonsense. Rubbish or as we said back in our teens complete 'mallogen'

Apart from the Alicia apparration which was obvious to everyone except the cast, the saving of Strand is awful. He deserves death more so than Negan ever did. At least Negan was an honest character. The showrunners ruined the most compelling character in FTWD.

Previous episodes were just as bad. The Wes storyline was left of centre. Where did that come from?

Critiques aside I am about to watch the finale.
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