FOUND: Got author, plot, can you give title?


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Oct 17, 2020
An Isaac Asimov short story or novelette. Galactic Empire milieu.
Humanity has nearly filled the galaxy. On the Milky Way edge we find an alien species (presumably the one that fills the MW in End of Eternity) just preparing to reach out into space. Instead of imprisoning them in their home system as they would have done to us, we give them the Magellan Clouds.
And also, what was the name of the alien species?
That's probably it (I was in a PM conversation on the Cosmoquest forum and this came up). The aliens are called "Cepheids" and I misremembered the name as "Carmpan" (which comes from the Berserker stories of Fred Saberhagen I found out). The first letter is the same. I read these decades ago as a kid, so it's a good choice. I will go out on a limb and call this "FOUND". Thanks.