Wheel of Time adaption - authenticity of casting and character action and general thoughts


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May 5, 2015
Hello guys,

Not sure if a thread on this exists already (I couldn't find one) - if it does feel free to direct me there or to merge.

So I recently watched Wheel of Time Season 1 on Amazon Prime, I actually quite enjoyed it. Although I was really bemused at some of the casting choices and storyline changes:

Racial Variety in the Two Rivers makes no sense.

So the Two Rivers has a notably diverse cast: with a variety of people looking like a modern urban city population. I found this really disconnecting because a major plot point in the novel is that Rand stood out from everybody else. There is (in the novel) a clear distinction between the nations - however if the Two Rivers (a village isolated for thousands of years and full of the old Manatheren bloodlines) is so diverse then surely the other nations will also be. I feel this is going to mean that the distinct "flavours" between the nations are going to be lessened, the Cairheinan, the Ara Domani, the Seafolk, The Seanchan - all of these are distinctly different from each other. Its clearly stated that Rand is much more pale than the rest of the Two Rivers folk, along with being a lot taller and also ginger, so I always imagined the Two Rivers folk to be similar to either Nynaeve or Egwene in the show - with Rand being an obvious standout. The changing of Padan Fains race makes complete sense because he is a travelling peddler. This isnt a complaint on any particular race being represented, just that they should all be the same with the exception of Rand, Nynaeve and probably Padan Fain (because the village has been isolated pretty much for over a thousand Years. Theres also plenty of variety to come if they show the nations of Randland.

Casting Choices - Good and Bad

Rand - I think they did a great job with Rand, he looks how I imagined and also how he is depicted in the cover art.

Lan - I like the casting choice for Lan, he looks brooding and has the Asian aesthetic complete with Hidori that I really like. The only thing for me is they give him too many lines and not enough places to just be menacing.

Morraine - Great casting choice because Rosamund Pike is a great actress - would be better if she was a little bit smaller and of course an "ageless" face is difficult to find but I think she is a great choice.

Matt - I think they did a great job with Matt so I hope his replacement is also good, he captured Matts rogueish charm and anti hero elements well.

Perrin - Ok so Perrin should be bigger, much bigger. I really don't like the casting choice here, nothing against the actor he just doesnt fit my view on Perrin, he is nowhere near big enough. Perrin is an absolute beast of a man in the novels, this guy is just reasonably big.

Egwene - Ok so Egwene really grew on me in the show, the actress did a fantastic job, however she is not as attractive as Egwene is described in the books, but beauty is subjective and as the actress is doing a great job I think this is a good cast.

Nynaeve - Absolutely great casting choice, she has fire in her belly just like Nynaeve.

Min - Again a really good choice, exactly what I imagined.

Trollocs - I love what they did with the Trollocs, they look absolutely savage and bestial.

Plot Points
Male or Female Dragon - This struck me as a really stupid plot point, the Dragon was always going to be male, it didnt even make real sense that the dragon might be female otherwise what is the point of the Red Ajah? Seems like it was put here for other reasons than story.

Suian and lesbian relationship - This is really out of context here, its hinted in New Spring that Siuan and Morraine were once lovers or "pillow friends" but at this point this just makes things really confusing and doesnt sit properly with the motivations. Again I feel this was put here for reasons other than the sake of the story.

New Warders - I really liked the introduction of the New Warders and their relationship, completely made sense with what we know about Warders, this was an addition that I think benefitted the story - although I wasnt impressed with the show of emotion from Lan. Lan does not cry in front of people, in fact one of the interesting juxtapositions in the story is how we know what he is feeling though Morraines bonding, but he shows nothing of it.

Loial Dead - Ok so they faked his death, not sure why it seemed pretty stupid.

Shadar Logoth - Where is Mordeth?

Eye of the World - Where is the Nyn and where is the bowl of untainted Saidin?

Anyway overall I did really enjoy the show, just a couple of niggles above. Interesting to hear other peoples thoughts on the show, please keep things respectful and civil. Mods - If I have broken any rules on things not allowed to discuss then please let me know and I apologise in advance. I intend this thread to be related to the authenticity of casting compared with the books and general differences. I do not want to descend into a political discussion as I have seen on other forums.

The wheel weaves as the wheel wills! :)

Christine Wheelwright

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Jan 3, 2022
Oh Canada!
I've never read the books but took a look at the series. I found it bland and uninteresting. Awfulness of dialogue particularly stood out. Characters were generally unconvincing. Storyline cliched (chosen one, monsters, magic, quest/journey). Not much else to say about it really.


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May 5, 2015
@Christine Wheelwright Yeah the books are the same, they're pretty polarising. As the earliest Epic Fantasy I read they have a special place for me.

I cant believe I forgot to mention this, giving Perrin a wife just to kill her off for Perrins character development was an awful way to show Perrins issues with his anger (a key focus in the books). Could have just as easily have had him be involved in saving Matts family while also going into a Berserker rage with his hammers and just smashing a load of Trollocs up! Instead they just put a wife in for no other reason than to kill her off and develop Perrins character, I thought this was pretty cheap and lazy. I also really dislike that show Perrin has feelings for Egwene.


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Jun 29, 2014
I thought the books started off brilliantly but, I have up on the series after book 4.

Ive seen clips odf this series , not really impressed .