Vangelis (Papathanassiou)

There was something unearthly about Vangelis. His music was always several steps ahead of everyone else. His music for Bladerunner, chariots of fire, his work with Aphrodite's Child, or his proto ambient 70's music all stands the test of time. He spent the last few years of his life working on complex synth orchestra patches culminating in Juno to Jupiter last year.

Rachel's song always makes me cry.

Here he is, partnered up with Demis Roussos on a psychedelic rock track that still sounds fresh to this day:

Very sad, indeed. I was a huge fan in my late teens and had almost all his stuff on cassettes. I liked China and Soil Festivities but his best work imho was the soundtrack L’Apocalypse des animaux. It’s so hauntingly spare and entrancing. Listen to it late at night, with a nice whisky, for maximum impact.
His cooperation with Jon Anderson - Jon & Vangelis - also produced some great albums.
I absolutely love the track The Friends of Mr Cairo. Also State of Independence and Italian Song.
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