What do people think about the beginning of the outline for part eleven Drop a Stone?


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May 5, 2022
I watched a Youtube video about pantsing vs planning and decided to write a rough plan for part eleven. This is what I have so far. Do people have any thoughts on it? I’m beginning to think that while I might be able to pull off close third multiple, perhaps I should go more omniscient with just a focus. Bold is who I think is the most interesting focus in the scene, italics are when I'm not sure about which single person gets the focus, but that's the group that the camera stays with.

Mainly the story follows four people who were chosen from birth to serve the Pillars, and each of them will be powerful sorcerers when they assume their Guardianship. They can't be removed from their Guardianship without dying. Sarah restored a Pillar and was later removed, but she's undead.

The main story is about Sarah being a chaos goblin and making everyone’s life difficult either directly or indirectly. Current events: Sarah trying to prepare Tanyanika to assume her Guardianship, her peers assume their Guardianship and adjust to being full sorcerers, plus their hang-ups.

Story opens with Tanyanika and Sarah going to Valeholm to ask Grigori for help. Hylden aren’t welcome and Tanyanika knows that it’s safer to stay behind, but she violates her values by taking an unnecessary risk. Nothing bad happens.

Grigori decides to help, Birney is also in the room when he learns that the lessons in public school weren’t important. Grigori had figured out years ago that they weren’t all learning the same things.

Girgori, Tanyanika, and Sarah spend the day in an open-to-everyone city that has so few vempari like Grigori that they stare, but it is safe enough. Birney is also in the same city, but with his father instead. He catches up to them later and Birney again expresses suspicion of Sarah being up to no good about his father while she’s off talking to Archimedes about how Grigori can’t drop out of school or he’ll suffer from depression.

Jahangir asks Archimedes for help in disrupting one of his culture’s traditions, which Sarah prompted him to do in an earlier story after screwing up his group’s rite of passage. Jahangir also discusses how one of his bootcamp buddies suffered harder than the others and how Sarah screwed up trying to help her.​

On another day in the city, Grigori and Tanyanika see Sarah take on three other vampires without breaking a sweat because one tried to murder her. Then they visit Birney and his father and Tanyanika’s empathic powers allow her to discover that Birney’s father is in love with Sarah. Sarah resolves this offscreen by breaking his heart; later Birney begins to believe that she never intended to hurt his father.

Grigori is with Tanyanika in her home while Sarah is trying once again to help Jahangir’s buddy. Police mistakenly attack Grigori and he accidentally kills one. Grigori decides to assume his Guardianship.

Earlier in the week, Sarah had asked Archimedes on Grigori’s behalf why there were no necromancers in the present day. Archimedes finally has an answer for Grigori; one was found, difficult as it was, but he arrived from the past too early and died. There’s nothing Archimedes can do about that mistake, but he had a son. Grigori learns that the necromancer has a phylactery and his ghost is eager to meet Grigori.

Jahangir talks to his bootcamp buddy and has a personal conflict about what it means to be a paladin.​

Sarah is having doubts about being able to do anything good for Tanyanika. Tanyanika’s parents come over because they want to meet Sarah. Sarah freaks out when she learned that she had saved Tanyanika’s mother’s life shortly after Tanyanika was born.

At some point before Tanyanika assumes her Guardianship, she learns why the vempari born on the same day as her was not chosen by the Pillar. She’d heard of him because he lived in the same village as Birney and Grigori until he was taken far away. Sarah hopes that Tanyanika might figure out why he’s crazy.

Much later in the story, Tanyanika has assumed her Guardianship and needs to ask Sarah to handle a crazy-person because she can’t. Sarah learns that it might not be a problem with his mind, but with his soul.

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